It’s 2021 and things have never been more weird in the world “But Wait There’s More”  ANYONE either Android or Apple user can drop a little quarter-sized tracking device in your bag while passing by your cubicle, standing next to you on the train to work, or at the bar in that sketch-Af lounge and VuaLa insta Stalkerazzi-DogLeash….. ok ok all stalker’ish jokes aside (cringe… not funny at all.., but you get what i’m alluding to here folks)

I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around how a tech company as large as Apple could think creating such a small scale tracking device with this range is timely/appropriate. It’s a guarantee Apples new Airtags will be used for nefarious purposes other than to locate that set of keys you’ve been leaving in the same place the last 7yrs after work which have yet to elude you to this day seeing as their presence is vital to your daily grind. I’m all for positive reviews at face value but the ability to simply slide this thing in another persons bag/car/coat pocket etc etc etc is jus uncanny… it’s just a matter of time until “That-Headline” appears regarding some criminal activity that took place thanks to this device. Apple this is a Great idea, based on amazing tech, but these are just destined to cause more drama than anyone’s expecting….


Ring.. Ring..

Hey Tina it’s Todd

Oh hey Todd what’s up

You left your coffee cup on your desk

Oh thanks Todd I’ll just get it tomorrow

Oh no worries I have it here now

Here now where? Todd?

Outside your front door……. I think my AirTag fell in your bag at lunch on accident.




👎HardPass “that’s a NO for me dog”…..Take these off the market Apple “too-soon”.