As we all patiently awaited the start of Tesla’s unveiling of its all new cyber truck that evening, I think it’s safe to say, NO ONE had any idea it would look the way it did. Some hate it, some love it, but all are intrigued. That sense of intrigue, awe, and excitement the sheer design of the Cyber truck creates seems to be exactly what was needed to shake up the automotive industry. For year automotive manufacturers seemingly played it safe design wise rather than risk bringing another Pontiac Aztec to market…

Musk has a pair and he isn’t afraid to push the envelope of design and seemingly say, f&*k-it lets just go an entirely new way. A.Wagner – Web Designer

I must admit, as I sat there in front of my laptop that night patiently waiting and hoping the WiFi would be sufficient to support the 30+ people in the room all watching the same reveal on different devices. My mind was not prepared for what would eventually drive into that stage. I had seen different renderings around the web for quite some time of what the Cyber truck was rumored or look like at launch. All of Tesla’s current modules have sleek tediously sculpted curved futuristic lines and a aerodynamic modern exterior. Then Cyber truck is as far from the later as possible and yet the design broke the internet that night in true Elon Musk fashion. Will the Cyber truck exterior be updated and refined over the years, only time will tell, but I we decided it would be cool to scour the web and gather a handful of some of the cooler consumer creative renders of what the Cyber truck could potentially resemble once the masses get a hold of that sexy hunk a metal!

If you build it, They will remix it.