Who is MIKEY? – Some are saying the next MJ..


Sure there are probably thousands of teenagers around the world let alone the United States that are exceptionally good at the game of Basketball at a young age. But San Diego California native Mikey Williams is in a league of his own and already has his sites tunnel vision focused on the NBA.

This kid is more exciting to watch and more explosive than Lebron was at this age / level, I would like to seem him take on some of the leagues best 1 on 1.

Mikey Williams is the 15yr old (yes he is only 16 years) basketball fenom taking the Nation by storm and putting up consecutive 35+ point nights as a Highschool freshman at San Ysidro High School in San Ysidro, California. Over a relatively short period of time and thanks to social media making our ever growing world an even smaller place, Williams fame and notoriety on the hard wood has grown exponentially. Williams can frequently be observed instagramming back and forth with BBA superstars the like of Dwayne Wade and even Lebron James himself. The 16yr old has be hot on the hoop radar and can back it all up. Standing at 6’6” (according to various web sources) tall the teenagers dunking ability is up there with that of the other MIKE (yeh this kids THAT good) and his ball handling ability could rival that of Allen Iverson. So what does the future hold for a 16yr old High-school freshman under the microscope of an entire sport, whose already the topic of 1st round pick talks in barbershops nationwide?

Simply google “Mikey” and you guessed it… Stay tuned to this young athletes channel folks, it will be filled with highlight reel worthy footage for years to come.

He Scored 77pts! Breaking California record…

Mikey Williams (born June 26, 2004) is an American basketball player who attends San Ysidro High School in San Ysidro, California. He is considered a top player in the 2023 recruiting class and has offers from many NCAA Division I programs.