Formula One racing’s Lewis Hamilton has secured his 100th Pole Position! Matching Michael Schumacher record and solidifying himself as racing royalty in the sport!

so what is “Pole Position” for those out of the loop. Let the folks over at www.wonderopolis.com explain.

In car racing, a driver in pole position — called the “pole sitter” — starts the race in the first row in the inside lane. The pole sitter starts the race at the front of the pack and doesn’t have to fight his or her way through traffic to get to first place.

So how do you get pole position? Although it differs depending on the type of car race, pole position is usually earned by the driver who races the fastest lap in qualifying for the race.

Most races require drivers to qualify for (earn a spot in) the raceby proving with practice laps that their cars are fast enough to compete. At the Indianapolis 500, pole position is determined on the first day (or first full round) of qualifying runs called “time trials.”