The Art of “The Setup”: WFH computer setups that will blow your mind!


Let’s face it, by now we all wish Covid-19 had a true physical form so we could collectively beat the crap out of it!. For those of you whom have never freelanced or worked from home, you’re probably having a helluva time coping with this new SIP/WFH reality.

Refreshingly, I do feel Americans being forced to SIP & WFH has allowed for true Family time to become a thing again, like actually speaking to your family members and sitting down to eat together. – J.Orega

So you’re stuck at home in your normally relaxed surroundings where you typical don’t have to so much as think of work and utilize this place/space to escape from said work, yet here you are working from home.. it is what it is.

It truly is what it is, and that being said figuring out what It Is that you need to successfully master working from home is becoming an industry of its own. Wether you home office setup is comprised of the bare essentials or borders along the lines of something out of a SciFi film, it is always extremely interesting to see what the imaginations of other individuals are capable of. We gathered an assortment of images from around the web to give you a glimpse into the amazing home setups people have created for WFH, gaming and creative pursuits and to be honest, some are just awesome!

Create the office Or cubicle of your dreams, in the comfort of your own home.