Ladies and gentlemen, it is the year 2020, unfortunately a lot of the futuristic tech, devices, gadgets and things we all assumed we would be able to get our hands on by now have still not arrived. Cars still don’t fly, skateboards still have wheels, and the last time I checked I still can’t purchase a jet-pack and just George Jetson myself into the city for work each day…smh. However, look on the bright side, Sony is relaxing the PlayStation 5 and if it’s anything like what we all are hoping for it should usher in a new era of video gaming.

“I highly doubt Sony industrial and visual designers would allow somthing like this to be the final consumer version, this has to be a developer rig, it just can’t be, that looks like a VCR” – C.Lowe Gamer

Image render courtesy of lets go digital

After scouring the Internet for some substantial meat and potatoes worthy information and specs regarding the upcoming unknown release date of the PS5, all I was able to find was countless blog post after blog post of Highschool He-say She-say assumptions. The fact of the matter is Sony has yet to release any full specs and anyone that claims they know probably doesn’t really know, but I’d say it’s safe to say that the upcoming. 2020 CES show January 7th in Las Vegas will answer a greatbdelamof those questions (wink-wink) but until then we all will just avento continue guessing and wait for the drop.

“I just hope it doesnt lag and that the remote has a hud, it shouldnt even take discs at this point its 2020 wtf”

D.Sanford – Gamer

Well Mr. Sanford judging from a few renders scavenged from online your wishes of a Dual-Shock 5 heads up display (HUD) May be granted Sir. As with all new gaming systems released, major updates and changes are always incorporated into the physical design of the controller. The consumer is KiNG and you can bet Sony has a full department that keeps its ears to the streets and takes intricate notes regarding suggested user changes and updates to controller form factors, sizes, feature etc year round. These changes are always implemented in the next generation product. The fact of the matter here folks is that, the PS5 is launching very very soon, and the Microsoft vs Sony console wars are alive and strong. Hopefully this post helps hold you over until the drop, happy gaming people!

Image render courtesy of lets go digital