The Great TECHXODUS Has Begun.. (HP, TESLA, ORACLE, THE NORTHFACE, Charles Schwab, CBRE, McKesson-Whose Next!?)


Weulp Folks

The once long sought after sunshine and beaches of California have been replaced with ash from out of control forest fires and trash from unsightly overcrowding and homelessness. Unfortunately “The Great TECHXODUS” of California by the tech industries elite companies has kicked into full-swing. Sure a lot of the blame can be placed on covid (If you’re that Guy/Gal that loves to place the blame on the greater news of the moment) but if you’re someone who strategically weighs the pros & cons of work life balance and the notion of whether or not you’re creating a meaningful life and having a good time doing so, then by now you’ve completely had it with California.

  • The Cost of Living is outlandish
  • Neverending Housing Crisis
  • Yearly Forest Fires
  • Staggering Homeless Numbers
  • Daily/Nightly Crime
  • Weekly Protests
  • Some of the highest income taxes and other forms of taxes on earth (ON EARTH BRO)
  • Earthquakes..
  • Forced power shut offs by utility providers
  • Excessive Rules and Regulations on anything imaginable
  • BANNED Rights to Carry Arms to protect yourself, family and home
  • Worlds most strict Gun Laws
  • Worst Traffic in the USA

I mean do I really need to continue or has the picture been painted clearly enough?

California, has lost its once world renowned luster… It’s a Wrap, It’s Curtains… Why would anyone want to pay a premium to live someplace where no matter what amount of money you make it never feels like its enough to truly appease the Life Cost of attempting to live a enjoyable life. A friend of mine from college put it best when he said “I mean I just don’t see the draw anymore, I know a girl who is doing and living with substantially more for significantly less outside of California, And it’s just maddening honestly”. I could go on and on about this topic but the cat is out of the bag now folks. I was shocked when McKesson relocated its GLOBAL Headquarters which had been located in the heart of downtown San Francisco since the dawn of time to Las Colinas texas of all places… They were quickly followed by North Face leaving the Bay Area and moving its headquarters to Denver after the state offered the company $27 million of tax incentives……….(WOW) and now the elephant in the room and jaw dropper Hewlett-Packard a tech industry juggernaut which traces its origins to 1938, when Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard rented a garage in Palo Alto, California, is moving to Texas.

It’s just not adding up here anymore, let’s say you’re a large corporation and are generously paying your employees top dollar to do their best work at your HQ in the SF Bay Area and yet they have to commute upwards of an two hours plus daily just to be able to live feasibly. People have families and other goals they would like to spend this short life chasing, achieving & doing outside of slaving away at the office keyboard, yet in The SF Bay Area these things are often not experienced for the simple fact that the cost of living here is just outlandish.

Put yourself In the shoes of an employer that feels they are generously accommodating their employees, yet those employee is stressed from the commute or not being able to find a 1 bedroom apt for less than $2750.00 within reasonable range of the office. For this employee not having the financial funding after all is said (and worked) to pay bills, travel and clear their head every once in a while, a negative cloud of despair begins to form. These employees are stressed and underachieving due to living circumstances of inadequate work life balances which translate directly into their onsite efforts and productivity. It’s a lose lose purgatory of a situation for employee and employer which culminates in the dreaded Headquarters Relocation which we all know over time is meant to fully relocate EVERYONE.

Sorry Jenny but if you want to be part of this team you’ll have to relocate with your team to the new team headquarters in Teamlamazoo, TX by next wednesday. If you can’t do so by that time we’ll extend an offer for your position to the snot-nozed intern you’ve been training the past 3 months who feels they’ve had covid 3 times last month.. 2020….Life………

oh and as of Friday 12/11/20 you can now add “ORACLE!!!!” To the list of companies leaving Silicon Valley……WOW. Just Wow…

Like seriously, what in the actual F@%& is going on in CA and why is it just getting worse and worse. Here’s another take on the state of things.