If you are a Fan if the original Amazon series that took the steaming world by storm back on July 26, 2019 judging from the Season Two tailer above you won’t be disappointed. The Boys are back in town, the boys are back in town… I must admit, I wasn’t nearly expecting the first installment to be as epic as it turned out to be. Every episode of the the entire series was stacked with action & suspense which left you feigning for more in true binge worthy fashion. Amazon has a grungy but in their hand with this franchise as it falls into a niche category of entertainment where the bad guys actually win a round or two which is rarely seen. And just when you thought your Christmas Day couldn’t get any better at the release of this trailer and announcement if the September 4th, 2020 release date, BOOM! Mere days later confirmation of a Season Three already in the works hits the web and solidifies the fact that THE BOYS truly are back in town!