The “1” in FORMULA-1: Lewis Hamilton’s a living legend!


Here in America, Baseball, Football, Baskebal, Golf & Soccer preceded NASCAR as far as sports dominance, awareness and fan popularity are gauged. And professionals athletes and stars from each of those respective sports are equally gauged celebrity wise as a result. However overseas a relatively unknown to most Americans sport by the name of Formula-1 reigns supreme with a fan base that could rival that of Soccer. Formula One is the elite racing league of the world, and features state of the art technologically advanced vehicles driven at break-neck speeds around some of the worlds most prestigious race-tracks by the most talented drivers on earth. If one could compare the differences between Formula-1 racing and NASCAR the best comparison would be like playing Granturismo vs Mario-kart… (no disrespect to NASCAR but uhhhh yeh.. it is what it is, bro) that being said, I would like to formally introduce to one of the only men on the planet to consecutively pilot a F-16 with wheels to SIX yes “6” Formula One World Championships!. One of the most successful drivers in the history of the sport, Hamilton’s six World Championship titles is the second-most of all time, as is his tally of 84 race victories and 151 podium finishes.

He currently holds the records for the all-time most career points (3431), the all-time most pole positions (88), the most grand slams in a season (3) and the most points in a season (413).

Lewis Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport, and considered by some to be the greatest of all time.

The first and only black driver to race in Formula One, Hamilton has been subject to racist abuse throughout his career. In 2008, Hamilton was verbally heckled and otherwise abused during pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya by several Spanish spectators who wore black face paint and black wigs, as well as shirts bearing the words “Hamilton’s familly”. The FIA warned Spanish authorities about the repetition of such behaviour and launched a “Race Against Racism” campaign. Shortly before the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix, a website owned by the Spanish branch of the New York–based advertising agency TBWA and named “pinchalaruedadeHamilton”, which translates into English as ‘burst Hamilton’s tyre’, was featured in the British media. The site contained an image of Interlagos that allowed users to leave nails and porcupines on the track for Hamilton’s car to run over. Among thousands of comments left since 2007, some included racial insults.

Hamilton has been credited with furthering Formula One’s global following by appealing to a broader audience outside the sport, in part due to his high-profile lifestyle and other ventures, including his environmental activism and exploits in music and fashion. Hamilton has been targeted by racist abuse throughout his career, and has been outspoken in his criticism of racial politics in Formula One as well as calling for greater diversity in the sport. His treatment by British newspapers has also been criticised for carrying racial bias, and some have pointed to Hamilton’s race and physical appearance as reasons behind his perceived unpopularity among a portion of motorsport fans.

In 2015, Hamilton was ranked as the richest British sportsperson, with an estimated personal fortune of £88 million. In 2018, it was reported that Hamilton had a net worth of £159 million. Hamilton is currently the best-paid driver in Formula One, and since joining Mercedes in 2013 has been one of the highest-paid drivers on the grid. Ahead of the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton signed a contract to stay with Mercedes until the end of the 2018 season in a deal reportedly worth more than £100 million over the three years, making him one of the best-paid drivers in Formula One. In the week leading up to the 2018 German Grand Prix, Hamilton signed a two-year contract with Mercedes, reported to be worth up to £40 million per year, making Hamilton the best-paid driver in the history of Formula One.


In 2019 Hamilton created headlines yet again this time completeing the entire Monaco Grandprix, Formula One’s most prestigious race on a single set of tires for the entire race.