UNDERWATER takes your fear of the deep blue sea even DEEPER!


Finally, another underwater Aliens movie… it’s about F’n time…. I mean after all the earths surface is 71% water and we know more about space than the deepest parts of the oceans… soooo umm yah… just give that some thought about what could be going on down there.

In Marvels 2018 AQUAMAN film, a digitally created underwater world was brought to life in stunning detail which couldn’t help but cause one to wonder about what could lie deep beyond the depths of the ocean in areas mankind can’t reach. To give a bit of perspective to that statement take into account that the largest of the Great Lakes “ Lake Superior” encompasses a mind boggling 31,700 sqMiles… yes you read that right… or in other words an area that is greater than the combined areas of Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The lake is and is 1,332 ft (400 meters) deep in its deepest parts. The Empire State Building could stand at the deepest point and still be covered by 100 ft of very cold water. That’s Crazy AF right? Wow…

Being thoroughly intrigued by statistics and facts like those above, I was excited at first site of the trailer for the new Underwater Film.

Nowadays it’s rare that we see truly creative new titles coming to theatre’s in a over saturated landscape of terrible prequels, sequels and attempts to remake or revisit the nostalgia of the 1980’s era Spielberg/Lucas classics.

Underwater is one of those type of films that I have to just go see alone, not on. Date and not clocked in for uncle duties with my nieces and nephews. I needed to sit down and take in all that was trying to be visually conveyed to me and ask myself “is this shit I’m looking at possible?” Because I have a feeling the government has some tech down there they are not fully disclosing so I just like to see innovative takes and ideas on what could be.

Underwater is filled with visual wizardry and special effects that will cause your eyeballs to become dry from not wanting to blink. The acting is spot on, the scenes well thought out the action is intense and the suspense hair raising. The film has all the cues of a sci-fi (or is this sci-fi, cause you know the gov probably has..ok never-mind) thriller. Eve though the film was not overly hyped with expensive trailers and fan-fair Underwater stands on its own to feet and gets a certified [FN] from me for the simple fact that, it’s different and creative .

image Being 7 miles underwater… 7 miles bro…

7 miles stRaight down…wtf