Raper Fabolous has been been a fixture in the hip hop/rap music industry community since 1998. Fabolous original Signed to DJ-Clue’s Desert Storm r3cord label and has grown to become a household name and seasoned vet in the rap game. Fresh off the heels of releasing his 7th studio album “Summertime Shootout 3” Fabolous enters a new decade having withstood the peaks and valleys of the last decade in grand fashion like only a rap superstar could.

In the early years of his career, he rapped under the name Fabolous Sport, in reference to Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport line, however this was later shortened to simply Fabolous

Upon first listen to “SS3”-Summertime Shootout 3, it is apparent that the artist utilized the album to address a myriad of issues he encountered over the past few years leading into 2020. The albums production is flawless and per usual the artist rhymes and delivery is immaculately Fabulous. It’s safe to say that with a December launch such as this, heading well into 2020 we will be seeing and hearing a lot more of and from Fabolous.

“I wanna take you where it feel like June in December, too

So what you think about Cancun ’til the winter through”

Fabolous Ft P-Diddy “Trade It All”

Summertime Shootout 3 is yet another cleverly penned hip hop masterpiece from an artist whose fans should expect nothing less than thereof from a artist with the amount of years of experience as Fab has under his belt. SUmmertime Shootout 3 is certified FreshNew and most definitely deserves a purchase from seasoned and New Fabolous fans!, check it out and purchase below on Spotify & iTunes Music.

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