The Quarantine Life: To ZOOM or NOT to zoom?


As the United States; more specifically California, faces the Paradoxical reality Of the approach a “Full Month” of sheltered in place Quarantine, one can’t help but think; what in the fcuk is going on… this can’t be life, this can’t Be 2020! I mean c’mon It’s F’n 2020, Where are the flying cars and robotic maids?. We’re susposed to be riding hoverboards and wearing Air Mags with VR goggles on, not Quarantined, WTF!?…

The Numbers of Americans that have filed for unemployment since the onset of the Covid19 endured quarantine are staggering. The amount of out of work Americans that have been forced to stay at home during these times have lead to a resurgence in video chatting platforms.

A lot of us are feeling like those Astronauts in the picture above right now, and to stay connected with friends and family many have taken to video chatting via Zoom, Facebook and Google Hangouts. But the question has to be asked, which video chatting platform is the hands down winner for quarantined based video chatting in these crazy times.

So what’s the major difference between 49yr old billionaire Eric Yaun’s YZOOM, Facebook’s “Messenger” and Google’s “Hangouts” of which anyone with 2cents worth of knowledge in the video confer3ncing space knows are the 3 major players in this game of thrones. It’s no secret that ZOOM’s seemingly overnight rise to app stardom can thank the onslaught of the Novel Corona-Virus and Covid-19 endured Shelter in place and facist’esk forced quarantine of millions of individuals worldwide. ZOOM just so happened to be that New player in an old game that all the cool kids promoted thanks to a slew of features that the other guys should have implemented years ago yet failed to do so IMO. The answers to some of the above questions and more about ZOOM can be found in a great in-depth video report by CNBC on ZOOM below!, so take a second and get ZOOM’d In.